Inevitably, we all experienced the times when we had to ask for a time off at work for whatever reasons. Yet asking boss for a time off has been regarded as the most nerve-wracking issue by a lot of us. In this episode of Career Builder, Robert Parkinson, CEO of RMG Selection is going to share some of his thoughts and experience from an employer and HR specialist’s perspective.

  1. What is the best and efficient way to ask for a time off from work?
  • Give your employer or supervisor a notification as early as you can. It helps them to have an idea of what to be expected as well as the time to make appropriate adjustments.
  • It is never a good time to take a time off, but you still have to take it. Make sure you have gotten the jobs done properly and arranged your work in advance before bringing your request. Gets your result there and then ask the question.
  1. What must we avoid when we are asking for a time off?
  • Ill fake is never an ideal way to ask for time off. It will damage your personal credibility at once if your employer indentifies it. And pretend sickness to ask for annual leave might even jeopardize your job security – 16% of the employers have told that they have fired the malingering staffs after found out their faked illness in an online American survey which 5000 respondents participated.
  • Do not state your application for annual leave as a done deal. The way you express your request also matters a lot. It is rather a immature way to do it.
  1. What are the potential influences asking time off might have in one’s career?
  • Your manner towards the job counts. People would make observations and judgment of what kind of employee you are based on how you apply your time offs. Although it is employees’ entitlements to have their time offs. The ones who give priority to his or her working progress are still often preferred.
  1. What other suggestions would you give from an employer’s perspective regarding to this topic?
  • Good bosses should also encourage the high performers to take some time off. There is nothing wrong about having a rest to sharpen the sward.
  • Good will is earned with any company. As a new comer who just joined for 6 months you need to earn it before wanting to get your payback (annual leave for instance).
  • The No.1 element people want to find out about is their companies not only just care about money or numbers but also truly value the wellbeing of their employees.
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