The recent economic dilemmas caused by a series of events also raised a lot of concerns: the declining output from the country’s enormous manufacturing sector; the decline in the stock market; the weakest GDP growth figure (The annual GDP growth rate had revised from 7.4% to 7.3%)… all these factors have also affected the talents market, and brought a concern whether the dark days for job seekers are coming. In this episode of career builder, we will be discussing about the influences of Chinese economic slowdown on the recruitment market as well as some suggestions for people who are seeking jobs at this very moment.

  1. Does it mean the job seekers can hardly get their jobs if we were experiencing an economic slowdown?
  • There is no necessity to be panic. The Chinese economy is still developing in a space that is much faster than anyone from the western society. The economic slowdown we are having now is simply a must-experienced stage for the economic reform.
  • When the going gets tough, the tough go shopping. The real talents are always marketable no matter how hard the economic situation gets.
  • Not all companies are laying people off. There are still companies in certain sectors are still hiring dramatically.
  • As people with experience are more valued, the young graduates might have some difficulties in finding jobs.
  1. What kind of companies will still maintain a high hiring demand?
  • There are certain sectors that are actually booming at the moment: IT, Dentistry, and all kinds of high level service sectors are all open available. There are still lots of field with high developing potential.
  • A rising tide floats all the boats. Everyone can make money in a booming economy. But only the excellent ones can go through the dark tunnel to get to the light at the end. The first-class companies would never cut their demands on the real talents.

  1. How can the young graduates survive from the economic slowdown period?
  • Re-managing your expectations. Young graduates need to be more realistic about what they do at the starting point of their career. Do not underestimate the importance and meaningfulness of the basic office jobs.
  • Do not stop learning. Constantly storing and expanding your expertise of your professional field will eventually helps you to get a desirable job opportunity.
  • Good things may come to those who wait, but only the things that left behind by those who hustle. Your job opportunity would never come to you were you waiting passively. Go make the calls, writing e-mails and ask for your chance to go for it.

  1. Do you have some other suggestions for the candidates who are currently looking for jobs?
  • Nothing beats experience.
  • Be ready to make change. There is nothing wrong about picking up a new trade if you find yourself suitable.
  • Do not lose your confidence. Always talk to yourself in a positive way, especially in the hard days.

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