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6 TOP Secrets About Employee Motivation

Improving the working atmosphere during this tough period in the economic cycle is a problem for many HR professionals. Both employers and employees are worried about economy recovery. Employers will do whatever it takes to motivate employees to work hard to survive the crisis. However, employers or HR managers might find it increasingly difficult to motivate employees. If they stick to a bonus incentive plan, their employees may still appear indifferent and unmotivated. I would like to share my experiences of the “motivation generator”. These are my 6 top secrets for employee motivation. Have a Monday morning“chat” I often hear complaints from HR managers that they find it tedious to study what motivates employees. I don’t agree with them. I […]

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Employers try to attract passive candidates

Zhang Meng, a coding engineer with seven years’ experience, receives phone calls from headhunters from time to time, though he has no urgent wish to leave his company. “I am open to all opportunities, but I don’t hate my boss,” he said. “If there are good openings with considerable benefits, I am willing to have a try.” Zhang, 33, has posted his resume on social platforms such as the US-based network LinkedIn. “Sometimes, headhunters have found me through friends’ recommendations,” he said. Zhang turned down an offer last week because the position did not offer the 30 percent salary raise he was hoping for. “Then, it won’t make a big difference,” he said. “I am familiar with my current position […]

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If You Are Not The One

By ROBERT PARKINSON Imagine being promoted to managing director of your company in China. How would that make you feel? Perplexed, pleased, excited, or perhaps a mixture of all of these feelings? This possibility might seem pretty remote for most young expats. That is why I am sharing this story to help you prepare for that moment in the future. In 2002 I joined a very reputable recruitment company to establish branch offices in Amsterdam and Brussels. It was a tough and challenging period working with many nice people during exciting times. Then my life turned a new page when I went to China. When my boss asked me to come to Beijing, I did not have to think about […]

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Holiday Anomalies

The week-long National Day holiday at the beginning of October is a firm favorite among Chinese employees. It is a prime time for them to ask for leave to go traveling or visit relatives in other cities. However, if you are about to write an email to your Chinese boss to ask for 20 days of annual leave to travel somewhere in China, then I really have to stop you right there! It is already confusing enough for expats to understand the complicated Chinese holiday exchanging rules, but you are about to discover another culture shock – the difference between the East and the West when asking for leave.

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Can You Talk between the Lines?

By ROBERT PARKINSON Every Chinese is proud of their country’s 5,000 years of cultural history. However, if people from the Western world were to interpret this culture in the wrong way, it would be quite difficult to communicate. Bearing in mind the cultural differences, many expats will have encountered conversational awkwardness with Chinese employees or colleagues. So, I begin my discussion with the Chinese style of “Han Xuan,” small talk. To start with, let’s imagine the following scenario: You come out of your apartment and meet an old lady from the neighborhood who asks you “Ni chi le ma?” (Have you eaten?). Expats are normally confused as to why Chinese people always ask them whether they have eaten – anytime […]

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陈彤加盟小米 互联网人跳槽该选哪个“坑”



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Are You Ready To Link In With China?

Are you ready to link in with China? Robert Parkinson People in the west are mostly familiar with the leading on-line business networking platform LinkedIn. According to its official statistics, by the end of 2013, the number of its registered users in 200 countries has surged above 250 million people. So putting LinkedIn as a tycoon in the social workplace field is not to overstate its position. Recently I received an invitation to test  the Chinese version of LinkedIn. It is quite obvious that LinkedIn is aimed at elites and professionals of the 1.4 billion people in China. In this regard, for international companies with expansion plans in China, being part of this talent-seeking and selection group might bring them […]

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What Don’t You Know About Chinese Outings?

What Don’t You Know about Chinese Outings? By ROBERT PARKINSON TGIF! Now that the workweek is over, you might be wondering which bar or club to spend a fantastic Friday evening with your Chinese colleagues. Sorry to pop your bubble, but you may be in for a disappointment when the “nice Chinese guys” at work huffily decline your invitation. For a newcomer to China it is completely normal to be refused at first. However, if you don’t sit down and ask yourself why Chinese colleagues are declining your invitation, you will probably remain an outsider who knows nothing about working with the Chinese. I have always paid careful attention to  interactions between Chinese colleagues, employees, business partners and families over […]

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Li seeks to smooth application process to obtain green cards

Li seeks to smooth application process to obtain green cards A plan to make it easier for foreigners to obtain a Chinese green card is to be considered by the China (Shanghai) Pilot Free Trade Zone as part of trailblazing reform efforts to further open up and attract global talent. Premier Li Keqiang has asked the zone to come up with a plan to simplify procedures for applications and the issuance of Chinese permanent residency permits for foreigners in the zone. The zone covers about 28 sq km in suburban Shanghai and acts as a test site for what are considered China’s boldest reform measures in decades. “Complicated procedures for green card applications have impeded the FTZ in attracting global […]

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