RMG Founder Interviewed on CCTV

Robert Parkinson, Founder & CEO of RMG Selection was recently interviewed on China’s No 1 English language TV Channel concerning the proliferation of freelance working. Click here to watch the interview.

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Career Builder: Exceptional Talent

What is a rising star? What does Talent truly mean? In a competitive market for white-collar workers in China’s Eastern Coastal cities and now second and third tier cities, we hear a lot about the word ‘talent’. Talent, in the vernacular of the white-collar masses is casually taken to mean people who are very good at their jobs. We hear a lot of phrases like “Discovering Talent” “Asia Talent Conference” etc.However in truth, when people use the word talent in this casual way, what they are really referring to is ‘above-average’. Q1: Firstly, can you describe what you mean by exceptional talent? A1: Examples would be Sajid Javid a 47 year old British Cabinet minister, who at the age of […]

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Dealing with Stress in the Year of the Monkey

It could be that the economy is booming and there’s pressure to drive a better car, live in a better house and wear more expensive clothes. It could also be the case that the economy is tanking and there is pressure to stay put and maintain a quality of life. There is even a possibility your family is encouraging you to “take it easy” and “have a rest”, even though this may not be practical. It is hard to dispute that in modern China, competition and pressure abound. In this edition of career builder, we address a number of issues surrounding: Pressure, what is reasonable, and when does it become stress? Should we take drastic action to deal with pressure […]

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Notice Period

A special period in your career is the notice period which is the time after you submit your resignation letter to your boss but before you leave your company. We will focus on this special time and give you guideline today. CEO of RMG Selection, Robert Parkinson is going to share some valuable suggestions. How long should it usually be? Is it important for your career development? What’s the employer’s expectation during the notice period? What should the employee do in the notice period? What shouldn’t the employee do in the notice period?

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Grasp the Remuneration Report


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RMG Recruitment Insider Report on China

  The RMG Recruitment Insider Survey is a quarterly project to help the public gain more insight into the recruitment market of different businesses in mainland China. The data is collected from more than 1,600 respondents who are working at ten different types of companies in ten cities and 20 industries. All the results collected come from HR managers, linemanagers or “C level” executives. The data includes headcount, salary package, salary rise and employment demand. At the end of each quarter, we publish the results of the survey. In this updated second quarter survey, we have focused on the salary level of new graduates whilst most of the enterprises have finished their campus recruitment. According to this second-quarter Recruitment Insider Survey where over 1,600 domestic corporations in the mainland of China participated, the recruitment demand in the second quarter has remained more […]

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Limited industry prospects, hard work , unattractive salaries – which seems to be widespread perception of traditional retail work. However, there are some excellent young still choose to work at the supermarket. How do they consider? And what’s they catch for? Listening to the official explanation of Vicky Chai from RMG Selection, you may know.


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Dos and Don’ts When Joining a New Company

Along with the arrival of the New Year, many of us may also be planning to continue our career development in a different company. We tend to spend lots of time and energy looking for a new job, but barely pay attention to what to do after joining the company. Today, CEO of RMG Selection, Robert Parkinson is going to share some dos and don’ts when joining a new company. 1.What are the most crucial things people should do after joining a company? 2.What should you pay special attention to on the first day? 3.Are there things the new employee must not do? 4.Do you have any experiences you would like to share that would help our listeners overcome their […]

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低潮期HR更重要 HR Function Values More in the Tough Days

Robert Parkinson, the CEO & Founder of RMG selection, has shared some of his own thoughts regarding the importance of HR professional. There are three important points of HR’s work in the tough days: employee lay off,talent retaining and recruiting.

虽然冬天还没有完全覆盖全国,但相信很多企业都已经体会到了经济严寒的威力。根据人民大学发布的报告预测,2015年全年GDP实际增速为6.9%,GDP增速的“破7”,非金融性行业增速的“破6”,工业主营业务收入的“0增长”,GDP平减指数、企业利润和政府性收入的“负增长”, “衰退式顺差”的快速增长以及“衰退式泡沫”的此起彼伏,都标志着中国宏观经济于2015年步入深度下滑期和风险集中释放期。作为企业内部的HR,也面临着更加严峻的人才挑战,开支的缩减、关键人才的流失、裁员的压力等等无不挑战着人力资源工作的极限。如果认为只有销售、市场才能从根本解决公司困难,HR只要少花钱、处理好善后问题就行了,那么,这个公司的生命力真的很值得怀疑。事实上,我们发现,在人力资源上投入特别关注的企业往往更容易度过经济困难期。

在经营困难时期,HR的工作重点大致分为三个方面, “炒人”, “留人”和“招人”。每方面都可以为企业带来难以估量的价值。

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Sensible exit management gives edge over rivals

As a provider of human resources consulting services, I have been helping solve related issuesfor thousands of HR professionals and employers in the past 15 years. Unexpectedly, the most nerve-wracking issue is neither about recruitment nor managingemployees’ productivity which we often mention. It is about how to have a professional employeeexit management to maximize the benefit a company could get from its former employees andminimize the potential damage they might cause. The importance of employee exit management has often been ignored by many enterprises asthey mistakenly take the completion of its employee’s termination procedure as the end point oftheir relationship. In fact, your employees’ leaving does not mean they could not have any more influence on yourcompany; the potential effects […]

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