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Recruitment Trend: Bachelors beat Doctors – Global Sources


根据罗迈国际发布的2012-2013年中国人才(China Talent-flow Survey)流动调查结果显示,网投简历的回馈中,博士生不及本科生受欢迎,MBA的优势也未能尽显。不同阶段的职位,不同类型的工作,对求职者的学历及学位要求也不尽相同,学历并不是越高越好。找准自己的定位,适时调整,才能让学历成为事业发展的加分项。

  该调查旨在了解大 中国区范围内2012-2013年人才在地域、公司类型、行业及职位上的流动趋势,并深入了解其流动方式及隐含的原因,共有超过2000人参加。具体结果显示:






由人才流动调查可以看出,本科生与MBA在网络招聘中收到的反馈数量相当,本科生收到5个以上反馈的为66%, MBA为64%,MBA在低端初级职位的竞争上并没有太大的优势。而对于猎头发挥重要作用的中高端职位,MBA收到的反馈则远大于本科生,本科生通过猎头找到工作的为46%, 而MBA则有近67%的人成功被猎。对于刚入门的低端职位,MBA并无太大优势,而在猎头参与多的中高端职位中,MBA则占据了绝对的优势。


无论是本科生、硕士、MBA或者博士,通过猎头找到工作的人的比例都不算低。从调查结果来看,本科与博士生中都有近半数的人通过猎头找到了工作,其中本科生为46%,博士生为47%, 而MBA学历的求职者中有近67%的人通过猎头找到了工作。调查还提到,求职者认为从猎头公司打来的电话更专业的有52.26%, 而认为从招聘方的人力资源部打来的电话更专业的则有31.2%。求职者通过猎头找工作已渐渐成为趋势。猎头在人才市场上和人才流动中发挥了越来越重要而积极的作用,猎头已然成为影响人才流动的一股新的重要力量。

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Robert Parkinson – RMG CEO on China Radio International

CEO & Founder of RMG Selection, Robert Parkinson’s live interview on China Radio International (CRI) English. The interview focuses on the Chinese employment market landscape from the result of China Talent-flow Survey.


Listen to the interview at

Youku: http://v.youku.com/v_show/id_XNTMyMzAxMTAw.html

YouTube: http://youtu.be/SOYbUWEeZ10

Times Tougher for Western Job Seekers – RMG Marketing Manager on Global Times

It used to be that Westerners had it easy in China. They enjoyed higher salaries, tax breaks, and preferential treatment in the job market. A white face itself was valuable enough.

But things have changed. Foreign background is no longer valued so much in job recruitment here.

Compared with the past, employers have become pickier these days. Sophie Li, marketing manager of the Beijing branch of RMG International Business Consulting, a hiring service provider, said among foreign applicants with similar professional experience and academic merit, those who really know China and the Chinese language are preferred.

In addition to the increasing influx of foreign professionals, domestic competitors continue to sharpen their foreign language skills and international business tactics, so the novelty of the white face has faded.

According to Li, she receives three to five application letters a week, mostly from foreigners in their 30s and 40s with three years or more of working experience. But in the past, there was only one application letter every two weeks.

Now for low-level positions, foreigners can’t compete with Chinese college graduates willing to take posts for as little as 2,500 yuan ($396) a month.

Although opportunities for foreigners have diminished in China, vacancies for experienced applicants with advanced professional skills are still abundant.

Several industries have reported a talent shortage in China, including IT, energy saving, accounting and finance. For example, it is estimated that up to 1 million professional jobs across the country are unfilled in the sector of 3G wireless mobile networks, and the annual salary for 3G engineers is estimated to reach 150,000 yuan to 200,000 yuan in four years, the Xinhua News Agency reported at the end of 2011.

Meanwhile, a forum of management and accounting professionals held August in Beijing revealed that China has about 3 million job openings in these field.

For experienced multilingual applicants with perseverance and a good work ethic, this is still the land of milk and honey.

Read the whole artile: http://www.globaltimes.cn/NEWS/tabid/99/ID/694141/Times-tougher-for-Western-job-seekers.aspx