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Robert Parkinson – RMG CEO on China Radio International

CEO & Founder of RMG Selection, Robert Parkinson’s live interview on China Radio International (CRI) English. The interview focuses on the Chinese employment market landscape from the result of China Talent-flow Survey.


Listen to the interview at

Youku: http://v.youku.com/v_show/id_XNTMyMzAxMTAw.html

YouTube: http://youtu.be/SOYbUWEeZ10

RMG Selection releases China Talent-flow Survey Report

RMG Selection has reported the result of China Talent-flow Survey in March 2013, on talent flow rate, its characteristics, and the function of headhunters and recruiters in 2012. RMG Selection is an Asian focused specialist recruitment and executive headhunting firm with over 200 regular clients, and network partners in 27 countries all over the world.  RMG China Talent-flow Survey was carried out in January and February 2013 and collected over 2000 samples. The survey combined the actual situations in China and cover different region, enterprise type, working experience, education background and gender etc. The result shows that China employment market is still very active, and the phenomena of “job hopping” is becoming more and more popular active. The characteristic is more obvious in different groups; the barriers between different regions are becoming lower, and at the same time, headhunter has become an even more important part of the power behind ‘talent flow’.

report AD - Copy Key Findings from the survey Market Landscape
  • The employment market is still active, last year over 30% of people even changed jobs.
  • The percentage of job-hoppers from private enterprises is 39%; that of state-owned enterprises is only 25%.
  • The highest percentage of job-hoppers is those grouped in the monthly salary of 10000&40000RMB.
  • Both men and women are active on a similar level.
Headhunter Role
  • Nearly 60% of people are more willing to change jobs via headhunters.
  • Nearly 80% of middle and high income earners choose headhunters.
  • Headhunters are “killing” into state-owned enterprises.
  • More than half of people believe headhunters are more professional on phone than direct contacts from companies’ own employees.
  • The bigger the company, the more trust they have in the headhunters.
  • MBAs are most favored by headhunters; the difference with PhD. is not big.
  • Online CV submission results: PhD holders are less popular than undergraduates
Flowing Appreciation
  • 80% of people needed to job hop to get a salary increase of 20% or higher.
  • The expectation of salary increase is slightly higher for men than women for job-hopping.
  • The 30-40 years old age group, are even more eager to obtain a substantial salary increase.
  • The higher salary people have, the smaller impact of annual bonus to job changing.
Cross-domain Flowing
  • 70% of people are willing to work in other cities.
  • Half of people who are over 50 do not mind working in any cities.
  • The higher the salary, the more difficult it is to change working city.
  • Males are more willing to adapt to different areas.
Headhunter, a word which is a little strange for people a decade ago, has now become strong power in the process of talent flow. 57% employees hope to change job through headhunters; 50.26% employees are placed successfully by the headhunter; besides, 52.22% employees have the thought that the calls from headhunters are more professional. All these have demonstrated the increasing acknowledgement and understanding towards the headhunters. More companies have acknowledged the concept of “recruiting by headhunters”, 28% employees in state owned enterprise have the experience of changing job successfully through the headhunters. On the other hand, we find that the headhunting companies in China are varied in quality, only a small part of them have professional work procedure and genuine career guidance and training toward candidates. ‘Although the business development is becoming more and more mature, how to select professional partners will be a big challenge for most employers and job seekers in the future.’, said Robert Parkinson, Founder & CEO of RMG Selection. Download Talent Flow Survey 2013 (TFS 2013) at https://www.rmgselection.com/index.php/2012-12-07-06-20-23/tfs-download Contact us at [email protected] or Call +86 10 5896 2288 for the details of the report.

RMG SELECTION Opens New Office in Tianjin

RMG Selection, Asia focused specialist recruitment and executive headhunting firm based in Beijing, has opened a new office in Tianjin, China. RMG Selection is growing its business with more and more clients in China. Therefore, opening its fourth office in the region will enhance the company’s supporting ability for locally based clients. The Tianjin location opened in Nanjing Road this March, 2013.

The office will focus on executive selection in Automotive & Machinery, Pharmaceutical, Manufacturing, Finance & Accounting, Legal, Logistics, Engineering and Information Technology. As RMG Selection main business is talent management and acquisitions, the new location will offer the following services: HR Consulting, Executive-Search, Testing/Profiling, Salary Surveys, Leadership Coaching, and Projects-Based Staffing.

RMG Selection already has established offices in Beijing, Shanghai and Hong Kong with over 200 regular clients including MNCs, SMEs, Chinese SOEs and China Listed Company. RMG also has over 3 years experience in headhunting and social media recruitment with network partners in 27 countries all over the world.

“Following the success of the last 3 years of our blend of international recruitment delivers in the appropriate way in China, our Tianjin office is the nature step towards lining without client-based locally throughout China and internationally”, said Robert Parkinson, CEO & Founder of RMG Selection.


罗迈国际是一家以亚洲为中心的专业招聘和专业的猎头公司, 总部设在北京,现在已经成立了天津办公司。随着业务的不断壮大, 罗迈国际在中国积累了越来越多的客户。因此,成立第四个办公室将会为当地的客户提供更强大的支持。罗迈国际天津办公室已于2013年3月在天津南京路成立。

天津办公室将专注于各行业招聘,包括汽车 & 机械行业,医药行业,制造业,金融 & 财会行业, 法律,物流,工程和信息技术行业。罗迈国际的主要业务是人才管理和招聘,新成立的办公室将会提供以下几项服务:人才招聘,中高级管理人员的猎头服务,测试/分析,薪资调查,领导力训练,批量招聘项目等等。

罗迈国际已经在北京,上海,香港分别建立了办公室,拥有超过200家固定客户,包括跨国公司,中小企业,国企和中国民营知名企业。 罗迈国际拥有超过3年的猎头服务经验以及社会媒介招聘,我们的网络合作伙伴遍及世界27个国家。


China Dream – Robert Parkinson – RMG CEO on CCTV English

Robert Parkinson, businessman and successful entrepreneur, moved to Beijing 8 years ago to manage China operations for a multinational company. In 2009, he embarked on a new journey in China when he set up his own headhunting company, RMG Selection.


  Watch the video: http://english.cntv.cn/program/newshour/20130311/102681.shtml

Hot topic of two sessions: China Dream – RMG CEO on CCTV English

Robert Parkinson, CEO of RMG Selection, was interviewed  exclusively last week by CNTV (the website of CCTV) in the office and his apartment for a new program “China Dream”.  Now a promotion video for the program is released.  Let’s see what’s his “China Dream”.

Watch the video: http://english.cntv.cn/program/newsupdate/20130303/105323.shtml

Sina Weibo:  http://media.weibo.com/profile.php?uid=3173633817

Sina Video: http://video.sina.com.cn/v/b/98438300-3173633817.html?bsh_bid=199858966