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Survey: Talents Relocating to Second and Third Tier Cities – CRI

越来越多的人考虑转移到二三线城市去,节目从已经到二三线城市发展的候选人,到招聘人选的公司,再到猎头公司的不同角度让你全面了解在二三线城市发展的状况。本次节目采访了罗迈国际RMG Selection的CEO Robert Parkinson.

More and more people plan to develop their career in tier 2 and 3 cities in China. The following CRI show invited Robert Parkinson, CEO& Founder of RMG Selection to talk about the situation from the viewpoint of candidates, recruiting companies and headhunting companies. Watch the video: https://www.rmgselection.com/news/survey-talents-relocating-to-second-and-third-tier-cities-cri/

Watch the video on Youku: http://v.youku.com/v_show/id_XNTU2Mjg3NDM2.html

Job Hopping Season by the End of a Year , Gorgeous Turn of Job Seekers – Marie [email protected]

熬到年中了,很多公司都是这中坑爹的作风,等到年中才能发上一年度的奖金!可奖金到手后烦心事儿也华丽丽地来了,要是顶着晋升无望,加薪渺茫的职场天花板继续为老东家效力,还是狠心告别过去奔向新天地呢?看嘉人@work采访罗迈国际资深职场人Lilly Cao 给出的专业职场建议吧!

Lots of companies give the annual bonus by the mid of the year, which is quite irritating for most employees. After getting the bonus, trouble comes again. Should the employee continue the loyalty in the home company or develop one’s career in a new place. Check out by reading the interview from Marie [email protected] Work with Lilly Cao. Read the article: https://www.rmgselection.com/news/job-hopping-season-by-the-end-of-a-year-gorgeous-turn-of-job-seekers/

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RMG SELECTION Opens New Office in Tianjin – Business Tianjin

RMG Selection, Asia focused specialist recruitment and executive headhunting firm based in Beijing, has opened a new office in Tianjin, China. RMG Selection is growing its business with more and more clients in China. Therefore, opening its fourth office in the region will enhance supporting ability of the company for locally based clients. The Tianjin location opened in Nanjing Road this March, 2013.

 Then office will focus on executive selection in Automotive & Machinery, Pharmaceutical, Manufacturing, Finance & Accounting, Legal, Logistics, Engineering and Information Technology. As RMG Selection main business is talent management and acquisitions, the new location will offer the following services: HR Consulting, Executive-Search, Testing/Profiling, Salary Surveys, Leadership Coaching, and Projects-Based Staffing.

Tianjin Office News

Preparation for the first job interviews – RMG Selection

当你拿到来之不易的第一次面试机会, 激动之余,千万别忘了为你的第一轮面试做好充足的准备。这是通向你梦想工作的第一步。你在面试中的一言一行都举足轻重。机会总是垂青有准备的人。罗迈国际的创始人兼首席执行官,将为你讲解第一轮面试问题的精髓。一起来围观吧!

When you get your first interview with excitement, don’t forget to make enough preparation for your hard-earned opportunity.


Find it on Youku: http://v.youku.com/v_show/id_XNDc0NjI2MjU2.html

Find it on Youtube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KR489LSeL34

Assessment of Training Effects Can be Easy – CHO


Assessment of Training Effects Can be Easy:

罗迈国际商务咨询公司的CEO Robert Parkinson在 CHO 首席人才官杂志发表的《培训效果评估可以很简单》一文对于如何正确对待培训效果评估的重要性给出了几点建议。该文章系统地从讲师,培训平台,评估,反馈等六个步骤介绍了目前在欧洲国家十分受欢迎的培训效果评估法。

RMG Selection CEO, Robert Parkinson published the article Assessment of Training Effects Can be Easy on the magazine CHO. From the trainer, training platform, assessment to the feedback, Robert introduced a systematic method that consists of 6 steps for the assessment of training effects. Currently, this method is very popular in Europe.

您可以在网上阅读完整文章: http://cho.zhaopin.com/articles/4284_1.html To read the full article online click here: http://cho.zhaopin.com/articles/4284_1.html

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