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Get your Summer Neatly Packed!– CRI

It is already the mid of July. Get a productive summer by having a smart plan. CEO of RMG Selection is invited to talk about tips in planning a resourceful summer vacation on CRI. Come ! Listen! And find out more!

7月中旬,所有的学生都开始他们盼望已久的暑假。如何让你的暑假充实而精彩?罗迈国际CEO潘瑞宝(Robert Parkinson)在CRI,以职场规划的角度,教您度过完美的暑假时光。 可以通过以下链接在线收听: Listen to the radio online: http://english.cri.cn/8706/2013/07/19/2861s776775.htm                                                        

The Trend of Chinese Job Market–Global Recruiters

RMG Selection conducted the China Talent Flow Survey and generated insights about trend of Chinese job market. Why your employees leave? Are talents willing to relocate? Which cities are their top choices? What is the most attractive industry in China? Find our analysis and perpectives below (Click the picture to view a larger image)

为什么员工离职? 员工们愿意被调遣到其他城市工作吗?他们最想到哪些城市?为什么换工作? 什么是中国最热门的就职行业?罗迈国际通过中国人才流动调查了解到中国人才市场的最新动向。更多人才市场分析和见解请看下图:(点击可以浏览清晰大图) Global Recruiter- May

The Era of Blue Collar–CBN Weekly

Blue collar used to be perceived as low salary and low skill occupations. In reality, there is a huge job market shortage of blue collar level positions especially high skilled technicians. Companies are willing to pay high salary for these rare talents.  Is it time to give your college degree a rest and consider learning a technical skill and become a blue collar? Where can you obtain these skills? Jenny, one of the senior consultants of RMG Selection, was invited to interview with CBN Weekly about the salary and career development of blue collar professionals. Find out more here:

在大学毕业生面临就业难的工作形势的同时,技术领域的人才市场缺口却十分大。例如,技工的人才市场缺口高达1000万人,而IT类人才缺口也达到100万。各个公司愿意出高薪聘请这些稀缺的技术人才。中国是否迎来了蓝领高薪的新时代?技术蓝领是否可以成为人们就业的新方向?在哪里可以学到这些技术?罗迈国际高级顾问Jenny(孙慧娟)接受了第一财经杂志的采访,分享了根据她对中国人才市场的了解,提供了关于蓝领的就业形势的见解。   Final PS

How to get back on a job when you get back on your trip-Men’s Uno

1 Sometimes you just want to have a break and fulfill your dreams of travelling around the world. How do you break your news to your boss? “I just want to travel” is not a good resignation excuse. How about applying for a job when you get back on your trip? How can you convince a company to hire someone who would quit for travelling? RMG Selection HR expert has the answers for you. Find out our suggestions on the Men’s Uno Magazine June Volumn. (See the image below) 有时候你想让身体去旅行,有时候你就是想完成环游世界的梦想。但是,你如何告诉你的老板你要辞职去旅行?在你旅行归来之后,又如何面对就业呢? 罗迈国际的职场专家来帮你解答。详细的专业建议已经被刊登到了风度杂志六月刊中。(如图)    

What is China Talent Flow Survey?-RMG Selection

RMG Selection is launching the China Talent Flow Survey the 2nd Edition.
  • Have you ever wonder why youre employee leave?
  • Do you know what is the most attractive industry in China?
  • Is it the right time for you to change your job? Where to?
Find out  more about your questions and answers in the Talent Flow Survey Video. 罗迈国际发布了中国人才流动调查第二期。
  • 您的员工为什么离职?
  • 什么是中国最热门的行业?
  • 是否应该换考虑跳槽?

China Talent Flow

Click here to watch the video: http://v.youku.com/v_show/id_XNTc1Mjc5Nzgw.html