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HR: Graduates Season Again!

The frenzy of news coverage over 6.99 million Chinese college graduates with merely 33.6% contract signing rate up to 1 May, has greatly shocked lots of people. Most blame the low figurefor the economic slowdown, as well as the increasing number of graduates. However, I think these are just superficial reasons under the general macroeconomic situation. What needs to be found out should originate from the root-cause of the dilemma, either from college graduates or recruiting companies.

Like a river fish imagining its fantastic life in the huge ocean, a fresh college graduate has so many expectations or even fantasies for his or her future career in society. When I read a piece of news about graduates looking for jobs in SOEs and public institutions, I was a bit confused. Lots of college graduates expect to, and actually only look for jobs in SOEs and government institutions for the benefits of the so called “iron rice bowl”. In this case, instead of focusing on improving one’s working ability, Chinese college students seem to find a stable job for a lifetime. Another interesting contradiction I noticed is about the salary expectation. According to an online research project, 33% of undergraduates’ salary expectation is between CNY 3,000 and CNY 3,999. Additionally, 20% of students expect CNY 4,000 to CNY 4,999. However, the average monthly salary foreign companies can afford this year is 3,412 Yuan for undergraduates, which is actually the highest compared with other types. As for public units, 2,858 Yuan is what they can pay for an undergraduate on average, which is the lowest among all types. When the dream that a college student dreams is disillusioned, what is left behind are the senses of loss and disappointment. Then why not try to lower one’s expectation in the beginning but end up with a surprise?

Remember that it always takes two to tango! College graduates bear their responsibility, while recruiting companies also have a part to play in this dilemma. I want to mention two points here: Firstly, does educational background matter? Elite universities or 211 and 985 project universities are specifically noted on the job description of quite a few companies. Though these are prestigious universities in China, they do not necessarily have all the elite and intelligent students. There are so many excellent and creative students out there. Therefore, it is time for recruiting units to re-think about the necessity of a ‘famous’ educational background. Secondly, should recruiting companies give opportunities to those who have small defects? I am sure that lots of recruiting companies have met students with hard working attitudes but with less overall intelligence. Whether or not to employ this kind of graduate becomes a real problem. To be honest, based on personal experiences, I prefer hard working ones, and I increasingly cringe when I’m told he or she is ‘very smart’. In the Chinese education system, there is indeed less emphasis on practice compared to the western education system. Therefore, recruiting companies should not expect too much from the fresh graduates in the beginning, but I know a gem with a flaw can be polished as a perfect one with enough time.

Before long, I had an interview with a fresh college graduate who wanted to get a full time offer from my company. I asked about his salary expectation. This boy came up with 5,000 Yuan. He tried to explain the reason with the cost of living in this city like housing and food. To some degree, I understand his argument. However, I barely agreed with it. When hiring a person, a recruitment company pays for what this person can do and bring for the company. I don’t really know companies that set salaries based on the costs of living in a city. When a college graduate looks for jobs, he or she needs to come with the right motivation and attitude, for that is the real value that recruiting companies are expecting.

Though people think 2013 is a tough year for college graduates, personally I think this is still a tough time for companies to recruit too. To get rid of the dilemma, reasonable assessment and a rethinking of the expectations of college students are of course necessary. But at the same time, recruiting companies also needs to make some adjustments. With my recruiting and consulting experience over the past years, I would like to give some tips about the hiring process for the recruiting companies:

Firstly, specific and clear job descriptions should be noted. The necessary requirements, such as CET level 6 and proficiency in Photoshop, should be clearly pointed out in the job description if needed.


Additionally, the job categories should be clearly defined as well. Most college undergraduates are not purely looking for internships. What they really expect is the full time offer after the internship. Therefore, the recruiting companies should tell students who are looking for full time job if they cannot offer the position. In addition, lots of recruiting companies will hold campus recruiting fairs and career talks. It is of great importance for the company to find the right recruiting staff in the jobs fair or career talk. A responsible human resource staff member should get to talk to students who are interested in the job instead of only collecting the resumes. As for the career talk, I would that recommend a working staff member of the company, especially one from that home university, should be invited together with the human resource manager. When students see someone from their university, they feel much freer to ask questions in the interaction session.  Recruitment companies have to pay attention to the online application process. Clear steps of the interviews should be informed to every applicant so that students can arrange for the interviews. Moreover, timely replies also play a vital role in this process. As the famous saying goes, ‘time kills all deals’. I think the more time a company takes, the less patience the applicant are left with. Replying to applicants on a regular basis, preferably less than a week later, should be helpful to save the right applicant from walking away. Last but not the least; I would suggest recruiting companies should arrange an on-job mentor for the fresh college graduates in the company. It is not easy for the company to find the right person. In this regard, taking care of the new comer plays an active role in making the students stable at work. New college graduates lack social experience. They really need colleagues who not only guide them at work but help them with socialising in the company as well. Adapting to the working environment quickly can effectively save college graduates from the loneliness.

As I also read news about six government policies for college graduates, I think breaking through the dilemma also requires effort from the government. If recruiting companies can pay more attention to the details in the recruiting process, they will probably get the right people they need. As for college students, expectation is in proportion to hard work. Getting down to earth is the best choice for now!

By Robert Parkinson, CEO of RMG Selection.

Assessment of Training Effects Can be Easy – CHO


Assessment of Training Effects Can be Easy:

罗迈国际商务咨询公司的CEO Robert Parkinson在 CHO 首席人才官杂志发表的《培训效果评估可以很简单》一文对于如何正确对待培训效果评估的重要性给出了几点建议。该文章系统地从讲师,培训平台,评估,反馈等六个步骤介绍了目前在欧洲国家十分受欢迎的培训效果评估法。

RMG Selection CEO, Robert Parkinson published the article Assessment of Training Effects Can be Easy on the magazine CHO. From the trainer, training platform, assessment to the feedback, Robert introduced a systematic method that consists of 6 steps for the assessment of training effects. Currently, this method is very popular in Europe.

您可以在网上阅读完整文章: http://cho.zhaopin.com/articles/4284_1.html To read the full article online click here: http://cho.zhaopin.com/articles/4284_1.html

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RMG Selection Annual Meeting 2012-2013

团队合作= 10X10!这是罗迈国际的信仰。这是一次欢乐的聚会,这是一次荣耀的聚会,有总结、有游戏、有颁奖,更有展望,未来的5年,我们会走得更好!

RMG Selection believes great team work can maximize the benefits of an individual to ten times. This is a joyful and honorable party with annual summary, interesting games, awards ceremony and promising future. The RMG family will be better and better in the next five years!



China talent-flow survey 2012 – 2013 launched by RMG Selection

RMG Selection: China talent-flow survey 2012 – 2013 launched by RMG Selection

As the uncertainty of the global economy is increasing, talent flow has been the major factor which affects the economy of both enterprises and industries. In that way, what is the truth of talent flow status in China and what kind of functions do headhunters have in this section?

 If you want to know:-

  • How often are your colleagues called by headhunters compared to you?
  • What are your staffs being called about? What competition are you up against?
  • Are you talking to the right headhunters? What should you expect?
  • Are you paid enough? How often is it really right to change?

In order to understand the current talents flow trends on region, company type, industry and positions within the Greater China Region, and get an insight on job changing and how candidates engage with headhunters, RMG Selection initiates a survey about China talents flow in 2012 – 2013, hoping that people will get a full understanding of the China talent flow status through the specific statistics. For details of the survey, please click here.

RMG Selection is an international recruitment group focused on specialist selection of high performers in niche-disciplines. As well as our main business of talent management and acquisition, we also offer the following services: HR Consulting, Salary Surveys, Psychometric testing, Outplacement, Leadership coaching. For more information about RMG, please visit www.rmgselection.com .

The survey will be closed by 28th Jan 2013, participants of this survey will get a FREE copy of the report. In addition to the report, participants will also receive a FREE gift from RMG Selection — a detailed guide from experienced headhunters – Interview Secrets:

Answer Sam as a reply letter.

RMG Selection Christmas Party – an Innovation

RMG Selection Christmas Party – an Innovation

RMG Selection’s Christmas Party was held at Tims’ Texas BBQ in Beijing on 20th December, 2012.

The party is divided into 5 main amazing parts: the Christmas BBQ Dinner, the Party Performance, the Secret Birthday Interlude, the Christmas Gifts Exchange and the RMGers’ Speech.

The Christmas Party is filled with special and sweet food from Tim’s BBQ accompanied by candles, lyrical music, classic American cuisine and a relaxing & warm atmosphere.

The party performance is mostly about team performance. Every team has the innovation and their own team style, called the RMG-Style. Chinese Free talk “Sanjuban” started the beginning of the Team performance. The party reached climax with the splendid belly dancing. The most creative and sexiest dance attracted everyone’s attention. There is also a living theatre and mixed dance which made everyone laugh.

The most moving scene of this party is when RMG had prepared a birthday cake for one of its RMGers.

The Christmas gifts exchange was another highlight of the party. The special RMG Rules make it’s really a secret that which gift you will get finally.

Before the end of the party, RMG CEO gave a speech with excitement, he said: “it was the most original, polished, entertaining and outstanding Christmas party I have ever attended in 14 years working in the recruitment industry.”

If you want to know more about the party, please check here:

RMG Website: www.rmgselection.com

RMG News Website: https://www.rmgselection.com/news

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罗迈国际圣诞晚会 – 创新视觉

罗迈国际圣诞晚会与2012年12月20日在Tim’s 熏烤房成功举办。


晚会以Tim’s 熏烤房的特色大餐拉开序幕,温馨欢乐的场面伴随着点点烛光,抒情音乐和特色美国菜肴。

晚会的演出以团队演出为主。每一个团队都有自己的创新点和团队特色,罗迈国际称之为“罗迈国际Style”。 由罗迈国际首席执行官和员工们一起表演的三句半拉开了团队表演的序幕。晚会在一曲肚皮舞的表演中达到高潮,创新而又性感的舞蹈吸引了每一位观众。同时还有幽默高效音乐小短剧,博得现场笑声连连。





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