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"Naked" Resignation on the Rise in China – RMG CEO on CRI China

An increasing number of workers in China are quitting their jobs before finding new ones. It’s yet another indication that the attitudes of young employees are changing. Some are less likely to be attracted to jobs offering high salaries and more likely to accept positions that provide more equality in the job market and greater job satisfaction.

Listen to RMG: http://english.cri.cn/8706/2012/04/20/2661s694399.htm

Job Hopping after the Festival – RMG Manager on CRI Easy FM

据统计,80%左右的白领跳槽是因为无法和老板很好的相处。如果去意已决,应该如何早做准备,漂亮的离开呢?今天的嘉宾依然是来自罗迈国际咨询的顾问Alice Xiao。

Listen to RMG: http://english.cri.cn/4926/2012/03/07/1561s685435.htm