Location Hebei, China Date Posted July 30, 2015 Specialism Executive Management

Industry: Tyre
Job Category: White

Role Description:
The tasks and responsibilities of this role include:
EHS Principal Accountabilities安环主要工作职责:

1. 负责发起EHS管理体系的建立,识别EHS管理体系所需的过程及其在整个组织的应用。
Be responsible for starting the establishment of EHS management system, identifying every process involved in EHS management system and its usage in organization;
2. 建立、实施和保持EHS管理体系,并确保其正常运行和持续有效
Establish, implement and maintain EHS management system according to the requirements of ISO14001:2004, OHSAS18001:2007, and ensure its continuous effectiveness;
3. 协助总经理制定EHS方针,并在公司内部组织传达,确保环境方针得到各级人员的理解、遵循和实施
Assist General Manager to make EHS policy, commutate with organization and insure all people understood, comply and implement EHS policy
4. 组织制定、修改公司的环境目标、指标,环境管理方案,并确保其有效实施
Organize, establish and revision of environment objectives, targets and programs, and ensure the effective implementation
5. 领导各部门开展各项环境活动,并向最高管理者汇报环境管理体系的运行与维护情况
Develop environment activities in each dept and report to top management on the performance of the environment management system;
6. 负责发起策划组织所需的监视、测量、分析和改进过程;
Be responsible to start to plan monitoring, measurement, analysis and improvement process in organization;
7. 向最高管理者报告EHS管理体系的绩效和任何改进的需求;
Report EHS management system’s performance and any improvement requirement to top management;
8. 负责领导组织管理环境因素、危险危害因素的识别及评价、重大环境因素和重大危险源审批
Be responsible for organizing and leading the identification and evaluation of environment factor and hazard as well as the approval of significant environment factor and hazard;
9. 负责组织管理法律法规的评审及合规性评价
Be responsible for organizing and leading the review of laws/ regulations and compliance evaluation
10. 组织、协调各部门的EHS管理活动
Organize and coordinate the EHS management activities among all departments

1. 学士学位,环境保护、工业安全专业;
Bachelor degree, major in environment protection, industry safety
2. 3年以上EHS工作经验,1年以上主管工作经验;
Above 3 years experience in HSE, and 1 years experience as supervisor.
3. 接受过专业的ISO14001 和OHS18001 体系培训;
ISO14001 和OHS18001 System training.
4. 足够的废物处理,ISO14001 和OHS18001 体系的知识和培训能力,良好的EHS技术能力
Thorough knowledge and training for waste disposal requirements, ISO14001 and OHS18001 requirements, good EHS technical understanding
5. 良好的人际沟通和协调能力。
Good interpersonal skills and communication skill
6. 有独立工作能力,可承受一定工作压力。
Ability to operate independently, can work under pressure
7. 熟练的英语读写能力。
Proficient in both spoken& written English

CI Principal Accountabilities持续改进主要工作职责:

Impact on Business : 公司影响
1) Implement the company Manufacturing System in TWS(XNT) BU.
2) Effectively organize pillar activities to support delivery of company business result .
3) Enable people and build up internal expertise for Lean activities in company by organizing related methodology training.
4) Drive the development of maturity of ME system.
5) Ensure “best practice” are re-applied by sharing of successful case within company and across global network
6) Establish standards and processes in pillar activities for functional departments to sustain good results

Innovation and Change : 创新力和改变精神
1) Facilitate the change of company culture by involving people in continuously improvement process
通过让更多的人参与到精益活中, 促进公司文化的改进.
2) Coordinate with departments to eliminate waste to achieve manufacturing excellence.
3) Continuously optimize and standardize processes with PDCA cycle
4) Motivate people by development of recognition system and help to build up mind-set of “0” loss in company.

Communication with internal and/or external Customers, Suppliers as well as Third Parties : 与内/外客户,供应商及第三方沟通
1) Continuously communicate with other departments for development and supporting department business.
2) Frequent meeting with Global the company ME network to benchmark and exchange of “best Practice”. 通过公司全球卓越制造网络交流,树立并转换"最佳实践"

2) Benchmark with external companies to find opportunity for improving the BU ( a few times a year).

Person Description:
People Leadership : 人员领导力
1) Good management skill to drive ME activities
2) Very good communication skill to align targets/priorities with department managers.
3) Can motivate people in projects which are driven or supported by ME.
4) Good people development skill .
5) Capability to lead a cross-functional team.

Educational Background
Bachelor degree or above, preferred in industrial Engineering or mechanical
Professional Knowledge and Experiences
1) 3~5 years of relevant working experience
2) Experience in Manufacturing or Equipment (+) or Industrial Engineering (++)
3) At least 3 years in Lean implementation, especially experience with Lean manufacturing system
4) Knowledge of Lean methodology like Pull system, SMED,OEE,VSM, TPM, KANBAN, ANDON, Line Balance, Problem Solving, DAMIC etc.


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