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Making Best Interviews

Making the Best of Interviews

By Robert Parkinson

bt_201504_19_hr_-_2 In a recent radio show, China International Radio’s Career Builders, I was asked to talk about the volume of Chinese job changing around the Spring Festival time and spoke mainly from the point of view of Chinese employees. It was a very interesting discussion. Unlike the situation in China, British employers barely worry about the “festive employee loss” issue. On my way back I thought about the topic from the different angle. HR Managers either recruit to fill a new role or to replace someone who is about to leave. In the busy hiring season I notice that the majority of HR managers are often so eager to interview candidates that they misjudge a lot of job applicants’ performance in the interview process. To make the best of interviews, efforts shouldn’t just come from interviewee. I think that it is a good idea to give some potentially-can-succeed candidates a second interview opportunity. The first principle is to make sure that HR staffs always notify candidates about the interview process and tell them the result on time. Failure to succeed at an interview is sometimes the result of sudden changes in the financial or personnel dynamics of the company. It has nothing to do with the quality of candidates. If you keep a senior managerial type candidate waiting for 3 months without any feedback, they will absolutely be angry with you. Remember the golden rule is to notify candidates as soon as possible after the interview. Instead of sending an email, I would suggest that candidates are notified by phone calls. Few HR people call candidates about the result of an interview, but it is a very important and indispensable step. Although nobody likes being rejected for whatever reasons, keeping candidates waiting makes it worse. In particular, promising candidates who are interested in your company might postpone or give up interview opportunities from other companies. If you forget or intentionally postpone letting them know, you will leave a poor impression of the professionalism of the HR department and the company. To follow up with the example of keeping a senior manager waiting for interview results, anger equals to distrust. Once they are angry with your ignorance, they rarely turn back to you even if you ask in a very nice way. I suppose that is also the major reason why there are sometimes complaints from recruitment consultants that HR Managers are sharp and brusque. It seems that some HR Managers and HR staffs behave in a less than professional way, making U-turns on candidates before and after the interview. While a 180°attitude change is likely to alienate, a friendly approach will produce a better result in the long term. If the interviewee fails to bring out his or her best performance, HR staff should not be judgmental. It is the best to finish the interview by telling a candidate how long he or she will have to wait for the result. Some interviewees might be too nervous or unprepared for the first interview, but sometimes they can show real potential with a precious second chance. The benefit for HR Managers is huge, too. If important positions suddenly become available – and this happens all the time – it is often effective to look back at old contacts instead of searching for new people. Making Best Interviews In addition, I strongly suggest that HR managers should keep a record of all candidates who are failed or postponed at the first round interview. This can be done on a simple Excel sheet or in a more sophisticated company talent database. Those who impressed at interview but just failed to meet the standard needed to move to the next round might usefully be highlighted. Such a database can be the basis of a company recruiting network which is very useful when there is an unexpected and urgent need to fill a position. This will be particularly helpful for start-up or small businesses to further develop and expand. You can also use this to notify those in the ‘not quite’ category of the latest job opportunity. If they are truly interested in the business, they will want to apply again. For example, recruitment consultants in my company always keep records of past interviews. The official term in the recruitment business for this is called building up the “interview pipeline.” They add information about potential candidates and put them into various categories according to their needs and abilities. Whenever they communicate with these candidates, they always write down key points and useful information in the conversation. Candidates are highlighted in different colors to indicate their potential and attractiveness to clients. In this way, consultants are reminded on the frequency to keep in contact with these applicants. When a level of trust has been built up gradually, these candidates are extremely helpful in sharing not only industrial information but their availability to clients. With such a powerful candidate pipeline, you will want to maximize what you can achieve with it. In addition to sending them new vacancy updates, what else can you do? There is an important term in the field of marketing – User Stickiness. Many marketing executives work hard to encourage users to keep visiting their official websites, Facebook, Ebay, and store websites. The third suggestion is to apply user stickiness human resource management, too. HR Managers are able to increase the “stickiness” of the relationship with potential candidates simply by adding those high potential candidates to the company newsletter list. In this way, candidates can be updated in the newsletter with industry insights, company news, notices of new product releases, industry surveys, networking events and so forth. To make the plan work well, you’d better discuss your thoughts with the marketing or sales department beforehand. Make sure that they are willing to open a separate list in the newsletter system. With some advanced newsletter apps, you can track the performance of each list, too. For instance, with my company, the marketing team uses Mail-chimp to send the monthly newsletter out. We can set separate sending lists and name the categories by ourselves. We can see the number of people who open the email, how many times they open it, the specific percentage of people who click links, and who they are after sending newsletters. The app will even usefully rate each person on the list from 1 (poor engagement) to 5 (great stickiness). It is worthy of trying this with solid data feedback, because you can know candidates better. We are all busy at work. Starting every task from fresh might waste too much time. However, if we can keep discovering new people and make full use of the current candidate pipeline at the same time, what a result it will be! Recruiting is a job with constant daily communication with different people. Wearing the “HR Poker Face” mask every morning and taking it off after dusk will not work at all. To quote a principle from How to Win Friends and Influence People, you have to “become genuinely interested in other people.” I am genuinely interested in candidates. I do believe that hard-working candidates are worthy of a second chance. I urge you to give it a try. Making Best Interviews Read the original article, please click: http://t.cn/RcEBvIK

【HR视点】如何在面试中表现最好的自己?How to show the best of us during the interview?


All job seekers want to present the best side of themselves during a job interview. However, the more we want to present ourselves, the more difficult it is for us to express ourselves. During the process of job seeking, employers always assess an interviewee based on educational background, professional knowledge, project experience, team cooperation capability, communication skills and so on. So how to show the capability that the employers are most focused on during the interview? Robert Parkinson, the founder and CEO of RMG Selection shared his views in his latest interview with HR Insight.


Key factors that employers care the most in a job interview: professional knowledge/skills, communication skills and education background

在2015年4月份发布的RMG Recruitment Insider 报告中显示,雇主们在面试中关注度最高的前三项因素为专业知识和技能,沟通能力和教育背景,被关注度分别为66.9%,50.2%和41.4%;而关注度最低的两项则为与公司相符的价值观和证书与荣誉,被关注度为15.5%和10.5%。这项调查是由近600名中国大陆公司HR经理及招聘经理完成的,旨在调查2015年第一季度各行业及公司的招聘状况与薪酬情况。该调查清晰显示,中国雇主更关心应聘者实际应用的能力,与西方雇主非常关心文化与价值观的作风截然相反。也就是说,如果你希望给中国雇主一个完美的面试印象,要多在专业知识和技能和沟通能力方面下功夫!

HR & Line managers have different views in a job interview



Communication skills vary in different interview occasions


Author: Robert Parkinson, RMG Selection –  CEO & 创始人

About Recruitment Insider Survey 

RMG Recruitment Insider Survey is a detailed China-wide quarterly view on hiring. The data is collected from 10 different types of the companies in 10+ key Chinese cities in 20 core industry sectors. All the result we collect come from key individuals, i.e.: HR executives, line managers or the C Suite.. The survey presents details of the recruitment in each quarter of those surveyed, including headcount numbers, salary package details, salary rise increase levels, and demand for new staff.. Considering that the first quarter is a special period for the whole year’s hiring, we also put some questions about campus recruitment in the survey.



新闻公告 赵京(Celina)正式出任罗迈国际的集团首席财务官,工作地点为北京的公司总部。她将负责所有公司法人事务并改进集团的财务系统和流程。 Celina为公司带来了近20年的财务经验,之前她曾负责国际招聘公司科锐安拓在整个中国区的财务运营,其在业内20年的经验还包括财务团队管理、资产处置、再融资和改制,以及包括与第三方财务人员接洽的有效经验。 罗迈国际集团创始人兼首席执行官潘瑞宝(Robert Parkinson)说:“我非常高兴Celina加入了管理团队。我们相识多年,她在人力资源市场中以专业性和丰富的经验出名。她的加入对整个团队带来的价值不可估量,我也相信她能够为公司做出巨大的贡献。” 关于这一任命,Celina如是说:“Robert Parkinson在中国的人才市场有很高的声誉,不仅是因为罗迈国际的迅速壮大并获得了一系列国际奖项,还因为他在上一家公司所取得的成就,在他的领导下公司规模从5人迅速发展至超过100人。我知道RMG在中国市场有着可以相比较的发展轨迹。选择RMG对我来说是理所当然的。   媒体咨询,请联络集团市场主管Sophie Li,邮件地址:[email protected].

Celina Zhao Jing appointed as Group CFO at RMG Selection

Celina Zhao Jing appointed as Group CFO at RMG Selection

It can be announced that Celina Zhao has been appointed as group CFO of RMG Selection based in the firm’s headquarters in Beijing. Her responsibilities will be to lead the finance function for all of the company’s legal entities and to improve and upgrade the systems and processes of the group.

Celina brings to the company almost 20 years finance experience, latterly at the international recruitment firm Antal International where she was responsible for the entire China finance operations. Celina’s 20 years experience in the services sector includes management of substantial finance teams; asset disposal; re-financing & restructuring as well as substantial experience working with third party finance vendors.

Robert Parkinson, Founder & CEO of the group commented “I am delighted that Celina has joined the executive team. We have known each other for many years and she is well known for her expertise and finance experience in the Human Resources market. I am delighted that she brings so much to the table, and I feel sure that her contribution to the company will be considerable.”

Commenting on her appointment Ms Zhao said “Robert Parkinson is very well known in the China talent market both for the rapid grown of RMG Selection which is already an award winning brand and indeed for the success of his former firm which under his leadership grew from 5 to over 100 staff. I know RMG already has a comparable, if not larger, foot-print in the China market place. RMG for me was therefore a natural choice.

For any media enquiries, please contact Sophie Li, Group Marketing Director via [email protected].

APAC GR 2014

  gr award We are delighted to announce that RMG Selection is shortlisted in the following awards in APAC Global Recruiters this year! •Best Marketing Campaign •Best Job Board •Best Recruitment Consultant Introduction of Global Recruiters Awards APAC: The Global Recruiter Asia Pacific Industry Awards are a unique opportunity for the recruitment industry to celebrate its achievements in this part of the world. With a judging panel drawn from local and global experts, these highly regarded awards secure greater recognition for individual recruiters and companies, attracting potential new clients and cementing reputations across the industry. RMG in Global Recruiters APAC 2013: • Best Recruitment Consultant – Winner (Lilly Di Cao) •Best Small Recruitment Business – Highly Commended •Best In-house Training – Highly Commended •Best Marketing Campaign – Highly Commended We are quite looking forward to the award ceremony on October in Singapore!

号外号外!罗迈国际(RMG Selection)成功入围2014 年环球招聘者亚太区以下奖项:

1.      最佳市场企划

2.      最佳求职平台

3.      最佳招聘顾问



罗迈国际2013年环球招聘者亚太区获奖情况: 1.      最佳招聘顾问——获奖者,Lilly Di Cao 2.     最佳小型招聘企业——最佳提名(二等奖) 3.     最佳内部培训——最佳提名(二等奖) 4.     最佳市场企划——最佳提名(二等奖)