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Since it’s inception in 2010 RMG Selection has always chosen to base itself in one main location. This means all of our staff have a central base to communicate in person. We then travel to meet our clients. Other companies have staff spread out in 2-3 person locations. We think this is not conducive to teamwork.

At the time of writing (November 2016) RMG Selection has shown itself time and again to be a resilient and well-placed business partner. We cater to clients throughout greater China.

Here are some of the reasons that clients give us for working with “RMG – Beijing Recruitment Agency”!

The owners are actively involved in the business: Too often clients tell us that when they are recruiting in China they deal with a big brand recruitment company, only to find that the consultants and managers change again and again. We do not have this problem. Our management team want to build a personal relationship with you, and that is one of the reasons we have become a leading Beijing recruitment Agency (and Google reminds us of this!)

Recruiting in China – Experience Matters

China is still a developing market. Sure, China has come a very long way during my 11 years working here, but it is very unlike more developed markets. What is essential therefore when you are recruiting in China is to have a recruitment agency who has considerable experience of the market. At RMG Selection, not only do I have over a decade of China market experience, but so do many of my colleagues too. This means that we have practical examples and experience to help you as a client or candidate. We don’t have to wow you with our awards or fancy presentations (even though we do think they’re quite good! We want our experience to speak for itself.

For further information, please feel free to contact me at robert(dot)parkinson(at)rmgselection(dot)com.

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