CRI Today – Importance of Vocational Education in China

How important are vocational education to a country like China? It’s said that vocational institutions provide the majority of workers to the labor-intensive economy in China. Is that the case? Why is there the emphasis on vocational education in China? How does vocational education relate to the strength of China’s manufacturing or maintaining the competitive edge? At the same time, a record of 7.27 million graduates – equivalent to the entire population of  Hong Kong – will enter the job market this year. But this is a market that has a shortage of skilled workers. Who do you blame for this mismatch? Are we having too many universities and too few vocational schools? RMG Recruitment Specialist Ruben is invited to […]

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CRI Today – How to Choose University Majors?

Recently the result of Chinese University Entrance Exam was published. Here comes the hot topics of how to choose good majors in universities? Should students choose majors based on interests or the so-call “good career development” on the later stage? Ruben, Senior Consultant of Logistic Recruitment Team at RMG Selection, is here to answer all students and parents’ questions live! Listen to us by clicking here:

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Talk Box – Robert analyzes Mental Health Investigation Report and Graduates Employment Report 2014

  Recently Zhaopin Marketing Research Centre released a series of reports, which has profound influence in the human resource field. Robert Parkinson, CEO & Founder of RMG Selection, was invited by Beijing Radio again to analyze the data and trend of these reports in terms of the job market towards fresh graduates and career consultancy. Topic 1: The job market of some unpopular majors is quite positive. So, choosing majors based on majors, does it work well? Topic 2: The longer an employee works happier they are. Do you feel tired at work? How to adjust oneself at work? Listening to the original radio at

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Staff Psychological Health Report released

Recently, released the Chinese Staff Psychological Health Report for 2013. Being over stressed has already become a common mental status for employees in China. As people are under huge pressure in the workplace, other symptoms are appearing, such as depression and anxiety. So the dropping level of happiness in the workplace has drawn people’s attention. Today, joining us in the studio is Robert Parkinson, the CEO and Founder of RMG Selection, an international HR services organization focused on the Chinese market. He has over 14 years of international recruitment and selection experience, and has worked in Asia, Europe and North America. Mr. Robert Parkinson, thank you for joining us Listening to the original link please click at:

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Round Table – How to Choose University Majors?

From CRI Website: “According to a college graduates employment Bluebook released by Mycos recently, architecture is the major with the highest employment rate, and finance majors are still the highest-paid. Should potential college students choose majors using these figures as a reference?

The same Mycos report is telling us another trend: The percentage of Chinese college graduates choosing to start their own businesses has risen for three consecutive years. It also found that the average monthly salary of self-employed graduates is higher than those who are not.

Today we’ve invited Robert Parkinson, CEO of HR consultancy firm RMG Selection, to talk about these employment-related topics.

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Education Today – Importance of Taking Internships For Graduates

Should all college students try to do internships in their spare time? How can they acquire all the internship and information? How to get all the sources? How do they better perform in the company? Robert Parkinson, CEO of RMG Selection, is on CRI Education Today to share his opinions and tips with all college students now! Come and listen to the radio on RMG’s brand-new website! 大学生都应该利用课余时间做实习?想要实习,职位信息上哪儿找?实习生在公司如何更好表现呢?罗迈国际的CEO-Robert Parkinson做客中国国际广播电台教育节目,解读大学生实习需要注意的那些事儿。赶快登陆小罗全新官网收听职场专家的建议吧! Listen to the radio on CRI:

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Education Today – RMG Logistics Recruitment Specialist on CRI

For new graduates who are going to enter the job market, resume is a must. But do you know how to write a decent resume? Should the format be formal or special? When it comes to the sections, is it the more the better? What items should students add in CVs? RMG Selection Consultant Ruben van den Boer is on CRI Education Today to give really good suggestions on resume writing. Come and listen to the radio on RMG’s brand-new website! 大学生初出茅庐,简历当然是求职必备。不过,你知道如何制作一份精美的简历吗?简历的形式是正式一点还是与众不同比较好?简历中的项目是多多益善吗?应该写下哪些经历呢?RMG Selection的咨询顾问—Ruben van den Boer做客中国国际广播电台教育节目,解读毕业生在准备求职简历时应该注意哪些细节。赶快登陆小罗全新官网收听职场专家的建议吧!   Listen to the radio on CRI:

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Education Today – RMG Partner on CRI Live

With 7.27 million fresh graduates as well as over 0.30 million oversea returnees, the battle of job-seeking in Chinese talent selection is about to start. What kind of CV can help you stand out? What quality or attitude should graduates have that can attract the attention of employers? And how can students fit well soon in those promising big companies? Lilly Cao, Partner of RMG Selection, is on CRI Education Today to share her opinions and tips with all graduates now! Come and listen to the radio on RMG’s brand-new website!

727万应届毕业生走出校园,还有30万海龟奔涌归来,今年的求职大战即将拉开大幕。广大莘莘学子们该制作什么样的简历,从而能够在求职大军中脱颖而出呢?刚刚入职的同学们,又应该抱着怎样的心态,尽快适应工作呢? RMG Selection的合伙人—Lilly Cao做客中国国际广播电台教育节目,解读毕业生在准备求职简历时应该注意哪些细节。赶快登陆小罗全新官网收听职场专家的建议吧!

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Multinational consultants not old hat

The idea that only locals have solutions for China’s market overlooks expertise of international firms Having served in international consulting businesses for more than 20 years, Edward Tse, the former chairman of Booz & Company Greater China, made the decision to establish his own company, Gao Feng Advisory, in April. His wide experience in consulting has made him believe that multinational management consultancy companies with a US background no longer have solutions to Chinese companies’ problems. He insists that these companies’ DNA is locked into the United States. Dealing with the complexity of Chinese markets, they are in a weak position. However, it is quite unfair to make such statements if Tse talks only about the disadvantages of international consulting […]

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After the Interview – China Today

SO, the big day has arrived, you had the interview, what’s next? Probably your first instinct is either Starbucks, Erdinger or back to the hotel for an inroom burger. But don’t slack off just  yet – what you do next can have a great influence on the outcome of the process, so stay focused for a few more hours. Write a Journal Entry Your first step after the interview should be to write a journal entry of the event. By journal entry, I mean write down what you discussed, who you met, what you asked, and anything else that seems relevant. I personally like to keep a journal and photograph notes with my phone. You can do it however you […]

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